And the results are in…”I would strongly recommend the VitaGlide to anybody looking to add to their workout regimen.”

What every product owner wants is an objective, outside review of their product.  Yes, feedback from customers is important and we reach out and listen carefully.  But a “product reviewer” is tasked with reviewing and evaluating the machine objectively. When we were approached about a product review for New Mobility Magazine, we were excited.  But also a little nervous.  There [...]

Meet Frank – a Committed Glider

A car accident 35 years ago left Frank paralyzed. And as with many major life events that impact our health, this completely changed his life.  Frank was athletic and worked construction.  What was he to do now? Frank took control.  He went back to school and became an electrician.  And he worked with the local SCI facility as a research [...]

More Than Just Wheels Emma Reyes Everybody knows the physical consequences of spinal cord injury (SCI); damage to the spinal cord may result in permanent loss of function below the level of injury. However, what do people actually know about a person who is living with SCI? Who do people see when they see a person in a wheelchair? What is their first [...]

10 Resistance Levels

With 10 levels of resistance that increase incrementally, there’s a level of resistance for everyone.  Want to build up slowly? Start with the lower levels. A competitive athlete? The upper levels will allow you to push yourself.  You will be able to build your upper torso and establish a great cardio workout at the pace that works best for you.  [...]

Stopwatch or Timer

In most workouts, we either want to know how long we’ve been active or we want to see how much we can accomplish in a given period of time.  The new VitaGlide® allows you to do both!  Want to meet your Glide Factor™ goal in a given time frame?  Set the stopwatch.  Or want to increase your resistance and see [...]