“I was one of the very first who bought the new VitaGlide.  I ordered it 2 years before it came off of the assembly line & I love it!  

I had the previous VitaGlide which I bought in 2007 before they went out of business.  The old model does not compare at ALL to this one. Its electronics are super & it is a real joy to use this.

I have used it most every day since I got it for 2-3 hours each day since it came out & I LOVE it!  I have cerebellar ataxia & can not use my legs much or I can’t walk the next day.  There is not a  machine out there that works only the upper body unless you go to an expensive gym & use commercial equipment or go to a costly physical therapist.

It takes upper body strength to use a walker & this gives me a much better workout from my own home then the local spa or gym which I use occasionally!  If anyone wants a safe quiet machine which gives an excellent workout from their own Home, then this is the ONLY one I have ever found for home use & I fully endorse it to all.  You can either pull a chair up to it [which I do now] or use it with a wheelchair pulled up to it.  

This was worth the 2 years that I waited for this to be produced from a new company & it is worth every penny that I spent to purchase it!  I hope others get the benefits from this that I am getting each day!”