VitaGlide™ Features

Why VitaGlide™?

The VitaGlide™ is an exercise machine for strengthening your upper body, reinforcing the shoulder muscles, and developing core muscles. An interactive screen allows you to set your resistance differently for each arm or to link the arms for the same resistance.
Independent Arms
  • Cross-country skiing motion develops shoulder orbit, upper body, and core musculature
  • Rowing motion addresses large and minor muscle groups in the posterior torso
Greater range of resistance
  • 10 levels of resistance ranging from 0# to 60# accommodates users in rehab to users who want an intense workout
  • Higher resistance offers intense cardio conditioning
Interactive software
  • Manage your training for your optimal workout:
    • Timer or stopwatch
    • 10 levels of resistance
    • Track distance (mi/km)
Articulation (10.5″) and inside arms (2.5″)
  • Greater accommodation for power chairs or specialty chairs and user height
Glide Factor
  • NEW!! Proprietary feature for goal setting. A function of your workout – the harder you work, the faster you attain your personally set Glide Factor
  • Can be used as baseline or stretch goal
  • Standard handle comes equipped with an adjustable support wrist pad (removable with a release pin); able to convert for users who need more wrist support
Longer arms
  • Longer stroke equals more engagement of the torso working core muscles
VitaGlide™ Specs
Length: 52.97″
Width: 38.71″
Height: 46.38″
Articulation: 10.5″
Shipping Weight: Approximately 120lbs”
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