We believe the VitaGlide™ offers a great workout and so do our users.

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VitaGlide™ is easy. Position yourself between the “V” and raise or lower the VitaGlide™ arms so you can easily glide up and down the track. You’ll find that the “V” now offers an adjustable base with an up or down articulation of 10.5” and an increase on the inside width of the arms by 2.5”, accommodating both regular and power wheelchairs.

Resistance settings for each arm can be equal or independent. With this added functionality, you can now strengthen one arm by adjusting the resistance. This is helpful for instances where an injury or stroke leaves one arm needing specific attention. Plus, now you can enjoy alternative workouts as you simulate the motions of cross-country skiing (push-then-pull) or rowing (push together-pull together).

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Set Goals[/fusion_highlight]

Want to know how far, how intense, or how long your workout is?   Now you’ll get that feedback from your VitaGlide™ workout with the machine’s new interactive digital display.  Distance (miles or kilometers), time (stopwatch or timer mode), and resistance will help you develop a workout routine that works for you.

The Glide Factor™ gives you, your therapist, or your trainer the opportunity to set goals for your workout. The Glide Factor™ is based on an algorithm that takes into consideration the work you do over a period of time. Set your Glide Factor™ goal, then establish your resistance levels and determine your time – want to see how fast you can achieve your Glide Factor™? Or if you can increase the resistance, but still meet your Glide Factor™ goal in a given period of time? Either way, you can optimize your workouts through goal setting and tracking your time, resistance, and Glide Factor™.

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