Born in Miami, Leroy had a challenging early life.  Raised in the projects, he was incarcerated at the time he had to start using a walker.  And then one morning when he awoke, he couldn’t move anything below his waist.  He was 40 years old.

Twelve MRIs and 18 months later, they determined that he had a benign tumor on his spine.  For many, that would have been too debilitating to move past.  But not Leroy.  He decided this was not going to get the best of him.  “Being in denial just holds you back,” said Leroy.

He changed his life – started going to church, meeting better people, stopped hanging out with the old gang.

Leroy works out on the VitaGlide® every time he’s in the gym.  At one point he couldn’t sweat and now he can.  He pushes himself constantly to hit higher Glide Factor™ numbers every workout.  He’s moved from resistance level 1-2 to 7-9.

“Your workout starts from the inside” according to Leroy.  That’s great advice for all of us.