About VitaGlide®

VitaGlide®, originally developed for wheelchair clients in the early 2000’s, was an immediate hit. Users finally had a machine that effectively addressed shoulder impingement issues, strengthened the upper body, and focused on the core muscle group.

Not available in the market after 2009. VitaGlide’s ® unique patented design has been re-engineered.  “VitaGlide® 2.0” was built to bring back a great exercise machine for not only clients in wheelchairs, but a broader population who could benefit from the VitaGlide® patented motion.

Improved engineering enables the user to have a smoother glide and the addition of  interactive software provides information that will enhance workouts and provide physical therapists and trainers valuable information in structuring exercise sessions to build muscle and endurance.

VitaGlide® Mission

VitaGlide® provides innovative solutions for better living through exercise.