VitaGlide® in your facility: Because helping people reach their potential is what you’re all about.

Give Your Patients a Better Workout

VitaGlide® works more muscle groups than other upper-body machines.

Image of VitaGlide user at the Gym

There’s a more complete upper-body workout available. VitaGlide®, a favorite upper-body machine used in gyms, rehab centers, spinal cord injury centers and hospitals around the country is back and updated with independent arms, adjustable resistance, and interactive software that tracks your time, distance, and effort.

Tested in the spinal cord injury center at a major university for over 2 years, the new VitaGlide® offers users a patented push-pull workout that works more muscles than arm ergometers and provides a cardiovascular workout all while reducing the risks of shoulder impingement.

VitaGlide’s® updated design offers a touch screen display that controls resistance independently for each arm, allowing for customized workouts for each patient’s needs. A new feature is the Glide Factor, a tracking metric that combines workout time with the resistance level to provide one number to represent the level of work done in a Glide session.

The new VitaGlide® has already been shipped to dozens of facilities in the US and abroad and has been acclaimed by professionals and users. Now, it’s time to bring the benefits of a more complete upper-body workout to your location.

Vitaglide’s role at the miami project to cure paralysis

Vitaglide® is proud to have tested its prototypes at the internationally-known Miami Project to Cure Paralysis for treatment of spinal cord injuries. After several years of testing, Vitaglide® has proven its effectiveness, as stated by Mark S. Nash, Mark S. Nash, Ph.D., FACSM, FASIA Associate Scientific Director for Research:

“The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at the University of Miami Health System has used the Vitaglide for several years as part of our comprehensive SCI/D lifestyle program and has been preferred by our program participants, so much so that they seldom use our cycle ergometers. The individualized resistance adjustment permits us to select optimum exercise intensities when the strength and endurance of the arms may be unequal. We have also found it easier to customize exercise programs and maintain records of performance incorporating time and work performed. Our ultimate goal is to encourage health-sustaining physical activity after SCI/D without injury.”

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