10 Resistance Levels

With 10 levels of resistance that increase incrementally, there’s a level of resistance for everyone.  Want to build up slowly? Start with the lower levels. A competitive athlete? The upper levels will allow you to [...]

Stopwatch or Timer

In most workouts, we either want to know how long we’ve been active or we want to see how much we can accomplish in a given period of time.  The new VitaGlide® allows you to [...]

Get Moving Again

A common problem with manual wheelchair users is shoulder impingement, a repeat movement of your arm  and shoulder that traps and compresses the rotator cuff tendons.  But it’s not just wheelchair users who suffer from [...]

Glide Factor

Now you can set your workout goals on the VitaGlide® by using the Glide Factor™.  A proprietary  feature, the Glide Factor™ allows you to set your time, your resistance, and your work goal to build [...]

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The VitaGlide® is an exercise machine for strengthening your upper body, reinforcing the shoulder muscles, and developing core muscles