The VitaGlide® combines both intense aerobic training coupled with progressive levels of resistance. You set the pace and work toward your goal selecting a resistance that will help you meet your objective.

The VitaGlide® is shipped via truck across the US and into Canada. Shipping costs are part of the fees paid by the client and we work diligently to identify the least expensive way with the most reliable shipper to get your VitaGlide® to you. 

At this point, the only state that pays taxes on the machine is Florida.  All other states have gross thresholds that must be met before taxes are charged.  There are taxes/brokerage fees that must be paid when crossing international borders.  In the case of Canada, it is less expensive if VitaGlide® pays those and passes on the cost to the consumer.  Internationally we defer to the client to manage.

For the individual we offer both a 3rd party financing platform (AFFIRM) and encourage clients to submit a Letter of Medical Necessity (LOMN) to their insurance company.  Contact us for further information.

Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners:

We have a platform with adjustable handles that connect to the handles and provide more stability for individuals.  This is at an additional fee of approximately $215.

The VitaGlide® focuses on total upper body development – both the anterior and posterior muscles. Most other upper body machines work your anterior large group muscles only and do not address shoulder impingement issues in the most effective way. Minor, yet essential muscle groupings are also targeted and important strength gains are achieved in difficult to engage muscle structures. Through the new push together-pull together movement, you can address the pectoral muscles. And with the traditional push-then-pull movement, you can work on your obliques and core muscles. The value inherent in this approach to upper body development is exclusive to VitaGlide® .

Yes! And no! The VitaGlide® pioneered an exercise movement that assisted many who were suffering from shoulder impingement issues and was available from 2003-2009. An excellent exercise machine for people in wheelchairs, the VitaGlide® has been re-engineered for today’s exercise enthusiast.

The new VitaGlide® utilizes the same effective angle and motion of push-then-pull. But now the arms are independent, allowing a push-and-pull motion that addresses different muscles. Ten levels of resistance enable you to challenge yourself at the rate that works for you.

With an interactive touch screen, users can set the resistance different for each arm or the same for both arms.  If you have one arm that is weaker, you can lower the resistance as you slowly build muscle strength while still working the other arm at an appropriate resistance level.  The clock can act as a stopwatch or a timer; push yourself to meet your goals in a specific time frame or establish the foundation for your workouts.

A major update is the ability for you to set goals for each workout and monitor your success. Glide Factor™, a proprietary feature, is a function of your workout.  The harder you work out, the faster you reach your goal. Set your Glide Factor™ and determine how long it takes you to reach it – thereby setting your baseline for future workouts. Or set the timer and challenge yourself to meet your Glide Factor™ goal in the timeframe.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The VitaGlide® is an exercise machine for strengthening your upper body, reinforcing the shoulder muscles, and developing core muscles