VitaGlide® Terms & Conditions

This is the website of VitaGlide, LLC and we encourage our customers to read the Terms & Conditions with care. First and foremost, VitaGlide, LLC is committed to best practices in design, manufacturing and the support of Our Customer’s VitaGlide® machine.

The VitaGlide® exercise machine is a unique and patented device that focuses on upper body and core strengthening for seated individuals and offers a robust cardio workout for the individual. The VitaGlide® comes with an interactive screen that provides feedback, e.g., time, resistance, distance with goal setting capabilities for the user.

Pursuant to safe use of the VitaGlide® machine, Our Customers are advised to first seek your physician’s approval for your use of this or any exercise machine and fitness program. Use of the VitaGlide® is at your own risk. Consult a physician before use of or performing any exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own physical and medical condition or if you are a medical professional, that of your clients, and to independently assess whether to use or perform any exercise, use or program involving the VitaGlide® machine to avoid injury. By your own volition, the undertaking of any exercise involving the VitaGlide® machine, you hereby understand and assume the risk of any resulting injury.

VitaGlide, LLC is governed by the laws of the State of Florida.