What every product owner wants is an objective, outside review of their product.  Yes, feedback from customers is important and we reach out and listen carefully.  But a “product reviewer” is tasked with reviewing and evaluating the machine objectively.

When we were approached about a product review for New Mobility Magazine, we were excited.  But also a little nervous.  There were a lot of “what if’s” questions.  And we know that New Mobility Magazine has a strong following.

The VitaGlide Classic was ground-breaking in offering an exercise opportunity for anyone who needed a seated exercise option.  Hundreds of customers who purchased the original machine attest to that and in fact many are still in use.  We recognized the original efficacy of the machine and built upon that to appeal to 20th century exercisers.

We tested this machine for 2 years in a spinal cord injury facility.  We listened to users and medical professionals.  We know that individuals have been able to improve their health.  And we were excited that those aspects that make the VitaGlide a great addition to any home gym or facility were recognized.

We believe in this machine and will continue to make improvements that will enhance your experience.  And we are thrilled to have received a glowing review in New Mobility. See for yourself here: http://newmobility.unitedspinal.org/NM_May_20/viewer/desktop/#page/12

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