A common problem with manual wheelchair users is shoulder impingement, a repeat movement of your arm  and shoulder that traps and compresses the rotator cuff tendons.  But it’s not just wheelchair users who suffer from this diagnosis.  Anyone who has repeated overhead arm movements can experience the pain of impingement.  Professional or amateur athletes involved in tennis, golf, swimming, weight lifting, or pitching (softball/baseball) are also at risk for shoulder issues.  Occupations that require overhead lifting or lifting above shoulder height may also be at risk.

The body is composed of opposing muscle groups.  This is why we don’t fall over (forwards or backwards) or list to one side.  Strengthening the anterior and posterior muscles and increasing flexibility is what the VitaGlide® does.   Other machines that aim to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder orbit often require the same repetitive movements that don’t necessarily strengthen the opposing muscle groups thereby perpetuating your shoulder issues.  Check it out at www.vitaglide.com.

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