A car accident 35 years ago left Frank paralyzed. And as with many major life events that impact our health, this completely changed his life.  Frank was athletic and worked construction.  What was he to do now?

Frank took control.  He went back to school and became an electrician.  And he worked with the local SCI facility as a research subject to help doctors and researchers understand more about SCI.  Frank was well-known around the facility and helpful to others and was soon asked to manage the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis lifestyle facility where almost everyone locally and many from far away come to work with world-class researchers in spinal cord injury.

Frank’s not just a manager.  He assists clients in their work out, he ensures they don’t get hurt, but he also becomes their coach and friend.

Originally from Columbia, he’s lived in Miami for the past 54 years. He has a daughter, 2 grandchildren, and a stepson, who is also in a wheelchair as a result of a diving accident.